Friday, July 10, 2009

Why Do I Love Clothes, Shoes & Handbags?

I’d love to know the answer to this heavy question, but I think it’s something too deep to even try and figure out. I went out to the Winners/Homesense yesterday with a mission to find some scrapbooking supplies and found myself wondering the rows of clothes, shoes and handbags. I did accomplish my intention of scrapbook supplies along with my clothes and shoe urge. There’s a method to my madness in a place like Winners/Homesense; I wander up and down every aisle looking for the clearance section of each department and see anything catches my eye or if I can improvise with anything. I often find great picture frames or the odd dish at a steal of a price, but this season I’ve found some great clothes. The latest styles of loose fitting shirts/blouses have been in abundance and I’ve capitalized on a few different colours and styles. These are great for teaching in or just pairing up with jeans to head out for a casual night. I don’t normally find extraordinary deals in the shoe section...I try lots on, but when I turn them over to see the price tag, they are quickly returned to the shelf (like the $199 pair of Guess studded sandals I loved today). Yesterday was an exception...I started in the size 6 section and slowly scowered the shelves for anything that caught my eye, and then there was one...brown, beige and orange New Balance casual running shoe (Puma style) that were just calling my name...I fell in love at first sight...I tried the size 6’s on and they were a little light...I then hoped and prayed as I rounded the end of the aisle into the size 7 section to find an identical pair...there they were, sitting on the middle shelf...I tried them on just to make sure and they fit like a glove...I NEEDED to have them! Into the cart they went! Now that I’m back to school I have discovered that I can’t wear my beloved and renowned sandals all year gets a little chilly on the toes walking to 8:30 am classes across campus. Thus revelation has prompted me to invest in real shoes...closed toe ones! I am starting to accumulate a great assortment of styles and colours to match just about everything in my closet. Today I was blessed with a red pair of Hush Puppies’ from my mom that I can’t wait to wear...I just might need to hope for some chilly weather to put my jeans on just so that I can wear them soon. Along with my new runners above, I think I could pass as in style come the next school year. As I made my way out of the shoe section gravity pulled me towards all the handbags...there were so many different coloured ones, all that I wanted...One in particular caught my eye...and no wonder it was in the clearance section for $225.99...needless to say, it’s still on the clearance rack! I am proud of my urge to find a new handbag this time...I haven’t always been able to hold off the urge, just look in my closet and you’ll see the finds I have found. There’s just something that I refuse to pay a whole lot for a bag or shoes because I could have more than one for the outrageous price of one item...quantity is sometimes better than quality (as in the brand name). I do have to admit, not everything that I find is expensive...I am quite proud of a find that I made back in the spring in the Joe department of the Real Canadian Superstore; I went in for a few groceries and stumbled upon a rack of handbags that were on clearance for $4.00 each...I couldn’t believe it...I had to take 2!! So impressed with my deal, I couldn’t keep the second one for an occasion so I gave it away right away and had to explain my great deal. If anyone was to come look into my closet today they would find baskets of shoes (I don’t use a shoe rack because that would be laying out the evidence that I have too many shoes!) and handbags above and below the rails of clothes I have accumulated. I somehow am able to mix and match most things together to make different combinations of outfits and keep each piece in general use most of the time. I’m stuck on the practicality of versatile pieces of clothes, handbags or’s almost my way of justifying it! When looking through the racks in the store I find myself comparing what I already have to what I am finding and how or where I can wear the outfit. Often I tend to go on colour, then blue, and then purple...I feel a red binge coming up!! I have a wide variety of colours on my closet but I am most attracted to beige pants...I have at least 10 pair!!! When I am done with a particular piece of clothing or it doesn’t fit me or my style anymore, I do pass them along to much deserving girls...I have the rule, for every piece of clothing that goes into my closet, one must come out...I stick pretty close to that so that I don’t have more that I really need...and it keeps my wardrobe up to date and manageable. I don’t find myself shopping at specialty clothing stores (other than my splurges at American Eagle- but I hit the clearance rack first and always bring my rewards coupon with me!) very often unless I’m looking for something very specific. Winners is by far my most sought after place to keep my wardrobe current and on budget. I am proud to say I shop at Winners and even prouder to tell of a deal or steal I found while I was there. I seem to even find Roxy, American Eagle, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren in Winners- why would I go anywhere else? I truly believe that handbags and shoes help make or break an need to make sure you have a good bag and shoes just like you need to brush your hair and teeth before going out...when it comes to shoes I’m all about practicality and comfort above trendy and style (no point your feet hurting just walking out to the car) and the bag needs to be proportionate to the items needed to be brought along. Is it just me that has the gravitational pull to clothes, shoes and handbags?

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