Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Why Can't We (Women) Just Take a Complement?!

While on the treadmill last week I was watching my daily dose of the Today Show and there was a brief segment about how women struggle to take a compliment.  It was interesting to me because I often struggle with taking a compliment and will deflect the attention back onto the person (looking at you teaching partner ;)) or give a reason (i.e.: "I've had this dress forever" or "it's from XYZ").

The segment was all of 3-4 minutes but in that short time the hosts were having general conversation when compliments came out and they too were challenged to accept them graciously.  Why is this? Is it because social pressures to look good, to always be at the top of your game or are we just too humble to accept praise?

I was reminded again of this segment as #TeamA was sitting at the kitchen table tonight colouring and I complimented her on her colouring and her response was "Thanks, mom!".  How can my 3 year old graciously accept the complements thrown her way, yet us gown adults (most often women) can't? I have been teaching her when someone is speaking to her and they compliment her on her hair, clothes, behaviour, whatever to turn and say thank you as an appreciation.

Where do I lack in this? Am I just too humble? Am I just too self-conscious?

Here's an article from Today.com from back in 2013 that is still relevant today.

Do you take compliments graciously and humbly?

Sunshine & happiness, today and always!

Stephanie :)

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