Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My First Blog

Well...I've been putting this on the side burner for a while now, and I made a commitment to myself that as soon as my crush of midterms were finished I would get started on a blog. I've been truly inspired by all the other blogs that I have been reading that I thought that it's something that I could do and keep people up-to-date on my trials, tribulations and triumphs. These past two weeks have been a real test for me at school. It was the first time ever that I have had such a heavy work load between assignments, classes and midterm exams. It really made me think if school was something that I wanted to do while trying to balance a house and wife duties to the fullest. The brighter side of me prevailed (with only 1 melt down I might add) and I pulled through. I'm not sure how the exams turned out result wise, but I did the best that I could. Add to the mix a surprise trip to the US to watch my brother Matt play in his one game showdown. Marc called me mid-afternoon on Friday afternoon to tell me to skip lunch and to pack a little bag because we were going to Philly! I had everything packed and in the truck by 2:45 and we were on our way. Marc promised to drive all weekend so that I could study for my 3 midterms in 2 days once we returned. We made it to the border where we hit a real hard *&^ agent who grilled us about everything. He wanted to know what was in my makeup case for crying out loud! It was just as we were passing the border that I should check who Matt was playing...I said Utica, but it was Elmira. It then donned on me that I should make sure it was a home game before driving all the way to Philly to only find them on the road. Well...I was wrong again (I know 2 wrongs in 1 case!), they were playing on the road in Elmira. But where is Elmira? My ever so knowledgeable brother informed me that it was in Upper New York state somewhere...thanks but do you know how big Upper New York state is??!!! We had to let the cat out of the bag and spoil the surprise. In the end we had a great weekend of visiting past players in Syracuse, New York, watching the Neumann Knights beat the number 1 ranked Elmira Soaring Eagles and a shopping stop at the outlets. We're heading back to Syracuse this weekend to watch Marc's great friend Kevin who was traded today from the Calgary Flames organization to the Columbus Blue Jackets organization. Hopefully we'll be able to see Kevin in action or at least for a few drinks afterwards. Let me know your thoughts, comments or questions you may have!

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