Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Been a While

It's been a little while since I've had the time to sit down and log back in. We've been VERY busy to say the least around where with traveling, school and just every day life. The last I left you was with a brief introduction and the NCAA Div III hockey playoffs were just starting. Well...we've been on the road every weekend since then traveling between Syracuse, Geneva and Plattsburgh. I've become quite comfortable at the border crossings as well as driving down to Syracuse. I have a travel mate that has a bad habit of napping in the car, so I am getting to know my reliable travel companion 'Tom-Tom' to direct me. The highlights of the past couple of weeks has to certainly be the on-ice results of our newly adopted Syracuse Crunch and Kevin Lalande as well as the forever loved Neumann Knights and Matt. Both teams are on fire as of late, Neumann running through each team they face in 1 game showdowns. We've been fortunate enough to see the weekend games in person and watch the week night games online. I don't know how the players play because I can hardly stand to watch. We visited Plattsburgh State University this past weekend and what a fantastic campus arena. The fans were a little mellower than I expected and the locker rooms were *&^%, but what matters most of all is the OT win the Knights got. Kevin has been on fire too in Syracuse. We have been able to watch him on Friday nights as of late (to not conflict with the Neumann schedule), and were there for his second consecutive start at home last week. He played great and just came a few minutes short of a shut-out. I fulfilled my promise from the previous week of my famous chicken stir fry and smuggled 6 meals worth down to Syracuse. Living in a hotel is only good for so long, but a little home style cooking goes a little further. I experienced my first poster board assignment of my young university career last week. It's been almost 13 years since I last produced anything close to a poster board assignment and set it up like an elementary school science fair. I went into the assignment a little unclear of the expectations or what others were doing, but in the end I wasn't too far off first base! It went considerably well for the low expectations and the fact that the teacher had to visit over 60 students throughout the class time. I was satisfied with my display and traditional display; time will tell with the teacher posting the grades in the next day or so. School is starting to wind down in the coming weeks. I don't have too much on the go before it all comes to an end, except for a few group presentations. I am a little worried about one, but I'm confident I will be able to pull everything together just in time. We're off to Lake Placid this weekend for the NCAA Div III Frozen Four. I'm getting nervous already, but it could be because I still have 12 dozen peanut butter cookies to bake!! If everything goes as planned, we won't make it to Syracuse, and we'll come home with self inflicted head aches! Maybe 'Tom-Tom' can drive home on Sunday! Let me know what's been keeping you busy?

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  1. hey Steph!
    Ton blog me fait bien rire! Tu voyages presque plus que moi!!!
    bisous xxx