Friday, November 25, 2011

Indoor Recess…not by Choice!!!

I am writing this as I supervise students staying in at recess to complete assignments and it makes me reflect on how I have been as a teacher over the past two months. I have gone from planning day by day and uncertain what each day will be like to planning out units of study and seeing them start and finish gives me a sense of accomplishment. My littles are still working through their science units on soil and rocks & minerals respectively and we are having so much fun. We have started an experiment (or “experience” as we call them in French!) where we are changing crushed eggshells into crystals. They are fascinated at the changes that happen over several days, and by the end of the unit we will have a cup full of calcium crystals.

My wild ones are currently working on descriptive adjectives, including colours, sizes, quantity in relation to parts of the body. They have been tasked with creating a monster that they are then to draw, colour and describe using their adjectives. This task incorporates written, oral and artistic components so it is a great piece to evaluate. We’ll move from the present tense of verbs to the past tense, which maybe where the real challenge lies.

It’s never a dull day in the upper east hallway to say the least. There has been no perfect day, but how could one expect that since we’re not perfect as individuals let alone 25 together in the same room.

I promise to get more current with updates as we move into the holiday season and then into the New Year. Until then, I return to my scholars! ;)

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