Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tis’ the Season…blahs

Here we are, 21 dodos before Christmas & I have a bad case of the blahs. This past week was one that I am glad is over, yet it provided me with lots of learning opportunities. The number one lesson I’ve learnt is that no matter how much I love French & teaching it, all my students aren’t going to share the same passion. I have hit a wall teaching some of them and I have vowed to continue plowing forward, make my lessons more interactive and dwell less on those that don’t want to learn.

The first step to making my lessons more interactive (and therefore more meaningful) started on Thursday afternoon when I participated in a Smart technologies workshop. It was a beginners crash course on how to use the smartboard and create lessons for use on it. I was immediately inspired to start re-writing my unit plans so that I can incorporate this amazing technology into my teaching & student learning.

My case of blahs has transferred over to home too…I haven’t made time for a workout once this week, I’m not feeling too inspired to create any sort of project or tackle anything on my to do list. Tonight was the first sign that the blahs were on their way out when I decided that I am going to start my Christmas baking tomorrow. I’m going to start basic I think and just do some chocolate chip cookies and then maybe venture into my new found fave- butter tarts. I’m not betting on anything that either will be around come Christmas, but I have a few new recipes up my sleeve that I want to try.

What are your favourite Christmas treats to bake?

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