Friday, May 1, 2009

Yikes, Time Flys when your Having Fun...or are just too busy to notice!

It’s been well over a month and a half since I last logged on to share the events and happenings. I last left off saying that we were heading down to Lake Placid for the NCAA Division III Men’s Ice Hockey Championships for my brother’s team. Well...we did make it to LP and had an unforgettable time. The boys pulled out a 2-0 win in the semi finals over Hobart College on the Friday night and then continued to over achieve the expectations but posting a 4-0 will over GA. Marc and I had a great time. We were able to enjoy some time with the other families and friends of the players at a reception before and after each game hosted by the school. There are some real characters that surround the team!! When you get a chance check out the Neumann Knight’s Men’s Ice Hockey Mom’s and their karaoke night at the local watering hole “Wise Guys” after the semi final win. ( I could divulge all the stories of the night after the championship game, but I’ll keep those for another 25 years when we’re all reflecting back on the time that was.
Hockey ended there for me as I had to focus again on my school work and finish up two group assignments. Marc continued to follow Kevin’s season until the end leaving me to look after everything at home. Now if that isn’t a lucky guy, I’m not sure who is....Marc hasn’t been home on a weekend in well over 3 months!
I made it through all the group assignments and the final exams that had to be written. I have to say that I made out pretty good in the’s finally nice to see some grades rewarding the hard work and time that I’ve been putting in. I learnt again what I thought I already knew about group work...I hate it and I will never trust people again. A group project of 5 people turned into working in partners all so that all the members could get the same grade. I must have it written on my forehead that I will look after everyone’s work because that’s what I ended up doing...I attract the lazy SOB’s!!
I’ve been enjoying a week off from school this past week and boy did I need it. We’ve been running AAA summer tournaments for the past 3 weekends with another one this weekend and the last next weekend. It has been consuming all of our time, energy and the space in our house. We’ve got stuff everywhere...there’s no guest room, dining room, garage or even laundry room. They all belong to the Casselmen Pirates!! Soon enough it will be all over and we’ll (I mean I will) be able to pack everything away for another year. For my week off, I’ve been able to catch up on laundry, housework and the now attention demanding yard work. The weather has been nice for the most part all week, so I’ve also managed to catch a little vitamin D (sunshine colour!) to touch up my fading colour from Cuba. I now feel like I’m not the only one with our Christmas lights still up on our house (in APRIL!), we have grass seed laid in the front and my stargazer lilies are starting to poke up in the front flower beds.
For now I’m going to leave you, I have to get back to the timekeeper’s bench for a peewee hockey game....oh what we do for kids these days!!
Enjoy the sunshine!

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