Monday, May 25, 2009

A Day at Sea...

Today was a full day of sailing the Mediterranean Sea...the weather was sunny but windy. With a day to catch our breath and acquaint ourselves with our new home, we took advantage of the sights and services...We woke up a little later than we thought...11 am! It is very easy to lose track of time when you don’t have a window in your room. We have an inside cabin on the port side of the ship and are about is taking some time to get use to the room riding the waves and taking a shower in a wind storm!!! It is just a slight sway to the boat that I feel most when I’m standing...I try and sit the most I can!
We went for a good workout this’s not every day you can work out with the Mediterranean Sea passing you by as you run into nowhere!
The food has been fantastic...lots of selection and plenty to go around.
We’re docking in Malta tomorrow for our first off-ship experience. Hopefully the sun keeps shining and I’ll be able to report back the sights and sounds Malta has to offer.

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  1. We hope that you are having a wonderful time on your trip. Mr Mayo's class wishes we were there with you. We had a great time reading your blog today and look forward to seeing pictures and stories following your visit to the Coliseum and Vatican. Don't forget to wear sun tan lotion so you don't get burned.

    From Mr Mayo's Grade 5 class at Our Lady of Wisdom.

    ps...Makela says to watch out for the smells ??