Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up & A Look At A Monday!

Yesterday’s tournament action was more exciting in the stands than it was on the ice at times. The mom’s really take things seriously in summer hockey! That brings me to something we’ve seen week after week lately. Parents and coaching screaming at the referee and opposing team for some of the most minute of things. It was once said best that you have to remember that the parents are of the same knowledge and experience as the players are. The younger the players, the less experienced and knowledgeable they will be. It tough to sit and watch how some parents act when in a few years after they’ve seen many more hockey games they will understand the particular ruling and circumstance surrounding it. Until then we’ll continue to see unexplainable yelling & screaming from inexperienced parents. It was Marc’s birthday on Saturday, but with the hockey tournament we didn’t celebrate. Instead I went out with my bestest friend in the whole world Debbie to go see Il Divo. They were FANTASTIC! Debbie & I both commented on the different demographic they attract (we were definitely on the younger side of the demographic chart!), but the four guys are all varying in age. The Spanish guy was a little greasy looking...definitely lives up to his latest news that he has separated from his wife because their schedules keep them apart...clearly after the Saturday night performance he hasn’t gotten any in a LOOOONNNGGG while! I’m heading back to school today for another 2 months of classes to catch up on the semester that I missed. This term I am taking Anthropology and Sociology, which I’m hoping will help me with the same courses in religion starting in the fall. I’m looking forward to studying again, but if the weather keeps being sunny, I’m going to hate it soon! Tonight’s the surprise dinner for Marc’s birthday that he isn’t suspecting at all. So far, so good!! I’ll let you know how it goes! 18 Days until our family VACATION!!!

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