Monday, May 11, 2009

The End is in Sight

Well, here we are on the last day of the tournaments...I can hardly wait to get my sweat pants on tonight and crawl into bed where it is warm and have a nice quiet evening at home. This last tournament has had it all...a team not show up...a team quit after their first game...and the zamboni run over a puck causing delay. We can honestly say that we will not be planning a midget/junior tournament for the next couple of’s just short of disaster. I started back to school this week after a brief time off. My courses are going to be interesting, they kind of overlap and once causes the other. The tough part will be keeping them both straight and not mixing the theorists. I had to do a little bit of sideline work with my anthropology teacher as his midterm exam was scheduled while we’re on the Ranger family vacation in Europe. In the end I’m having my midterm exam mark dispersed between the written assignment and the final exam. A little more pressure for both, but I get to go on vacation still. My sociology teacher is super funny...he likes to take side tracks while lecturing so you never know if you’re on topic or not. Besides, his first language is French and he’s a lot like me when I try and speak French, he has to translate things in his head first and then’s like a live TV broadcast with a 3 second delay to make sure that there are no obscenities! I’m still trying to shake this bug that I got last weekend...I’ve gone from not being able to eat to being able to eat with nothing staying down...again last night was rough. Once I decided to move into the spare bedroom for the remainder of the night, Marc didn’t reserve any time to take over my side of the bed...he had it covered within milliseconds! We’re starting the serious countdown to our vacation...we less than 14 days away. We’ve booked a mini pre-vacation for the long weekend coming up to Toronto. I scored big time on the hotel nights...we’re staying downtown Toronto at the Renaissance Hotel at Rogers Centre for $100 per night. It’s an amazing deal considering it’s a long weekend and its right in the middle of the action. Marc is super excited to be able to catch (hopefully) 4 Jays in a row...we didn’t get to see any last year with the house renovations and my school classes. On the Sunday it’s Photo Day with the Jays so we might be able to get our pictures taken with a few of our favourite players before the game. This is truly the highlight to my weekend! I’ll keep my countdown to our real vacation alive and get back to my sociology and anthropology textbooks!

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