Monday, May 25, 2009

Embarking the Norwegian Gem!

Today is embarkment day! We’ve packed up all our things, piled into four taxies and headed for the port to board the ship. What a MASSIVE SHIP! Board was soooo is better than any airport or entrance/admission I have ever had at any event...within 30 minutes our bags were checked in, we had out embarkment card and we were seated in the buffet lounge having can’t over eat on the first day or it’s gym for you every day after’s had lived up to the hype so far...lots of variety and the food is fresh (no excuses...we haven’t left shore yet!!!). Our cabin is room for making a mess, but plenty of room to be organized. We tested out the hot tub before going to bed and it provided a great night’s sleep...tomorrow we’re at sea all day and the pool is on the list of things to do. Here’s to my sun chair and a good book...

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